Green Festivals and Events That Promote Sustainable Living

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There are many initiatives, events, festivals, and celebrations that promote green choices and sustainable living. Eco film festivals, lectures, trainings, and fairs are organized to raise awareness of pollution and depletion of natural resources and promote green lifestyle.

Thematic Events and Celebrations

Plenty of thematic events and festivals are organized around the world, focusing on topics and problems such as hazardous and toxic substances, sustainable transportation, coastal and marine issues, and others. Others focus on issues such as ecotourism, green business practices and construction, and sustainability. The goal is to bring people together and teach them how to generate less waste and save valuable resources. Some festivals focus on sustainable forestry while others are themed around topics such as organic food and sustainable agriculture, environmental education and volunteering, energy conservation, and animals, marine life, and welfare. Many festivals and events offer local drinks, food, and cuisine to support local communities and emphasize the fact that local produce reduces transportation-related pollution. There are celebrations, food truck rallies, skill sharing demonstrations, and a lot more. Street fairs are also organized, and participants enjoy live music.

Other Green Events

Tree identification tours and events are also organized, and participants learn more about local trees and plants, buds, twigs, cones, and a lot more. Many of these events are free to attend. Guided tours and walks to observe shore plants, wetland plants, rare species, and wildlife are also organized. There are volunteer trainings and conferences on sustainable models, zero waste, and other issues. Weeding and planting events are organized to protect wildlife and provide shelter and food for different species. Hikes, walks, tours, and other events take place in parks, nature reserves, and other designated areas. Community gardens have become increasingly popular in the developed countries, especially in densely populated areas where land is unavailable. Community gardens offer the opportunity to grow crops and take home fresh, local vegetables and other plants. There are scheduled events and times when all community members get together to plant, water, weed, and work on their plots together. Naturally, they are held during the summer, spring, and fall. Charitable events and book sales are also organized to support various green initiatives such as climate change mitigation, wildlife preservation, and others. Some events are held annually while others take place on a regular basis.

There are unique and interesting events such as guided night hikes offered by different societies, non-for-profits, communities, and other entities. Participants observe different species, including flying squirrels, fireflies, toads, rabbits, and other species. The goal is to learn through observation and make conscious effort toward wildlife preservation. Farm tours are another option for nature lovers and those who are looking for green initiatives to join. Participants learn different techniques and methods for organic gardening.

Activities, Offerings, and Policies

All these initiatives and events focus on sustainable living and teach participants how to live in harmony with nature. Services and products are also offered to enable visitors to live and work green. Green festivals and initiatives offer a selection of activities, including entertainment, panels featuring lecturers, scientists, and guest speakers, educational activities for adults and children, demos, and a lot more. Many events also feature vegetarian and vegan meals and healthy food. Free tea and organic drinks are also offered. Some activities focus on unpopular alternatives and solutions, and the goal is to make them more mainstream. Attendees are offered the chance to attend courses and lectures and learn about initiatives that make a difference for humans and the environment. In addition to various activities and events, many festivals offer discounts on t-shirts, posters, cards, and other items, access to compost toilets and solar showers, discounts on drinks and meals, vouchers, and more. Many festivals and events adhere to strict environmental policies and require that participants also adhere. For example, stalls and retailers are asked to use compostable and biodegradable forks, knives, cups, and plates and offer organic and local produce. Cooking oil used by stalls is collected to be used by local factories that produce green fuel. Needless to say, participants should make conscious effort to keep the festival site clean and tidy.

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