Green Cutting-Edge Inventions and Eco-Trends

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Manufacturers offer plenty of green inventions and gear for energy savings and added comfort. Some inventions are bizarre while others are quite handy, whether at home or for outdoor use.

Strange and Unique Inventions

There are strange, but practical inventions such as a machine that uses conventional paper to produce toilet paper. The machine is designed to shred office paper which is then soaked in water and dried to create a roll of paper in about half an hour. This is a cost-effective method to make toilet paper. In fact, a roll of paper costs about 12 cents. A moss carpet is another invention worth checking. Moss grows on recycled foam and comes in three varieties – ball, island, and forest moss. Given that it grows in humid areas, this carpet is ideal for wet rooms such as the bathroom. The best part is that it is effective and low maintenance. Believe it or not, there are eco-friendly bombs. They use energy derived from nitrogen, and the risk of accidental explosion is smaller. While bombs and eco-friendly sounds as an oxymoron, these bombs generate less toxic compounds than conventional ones. Speaking of cooking, scientists have produced lab meat. This is, in fact, one solution to the global food crisis.

Lab-grown meat is produced from animal tissue and is also called in vitro meat. One of the main benefits is climate change mitigation. Animal lovers also point to the fact that this will help end animal slaughter and will minimize environmental pollution. Animal welfare has become a popular cause in the recent years. The problem is how to convince customers that lab-grown meat is as delicious as beef, pork, and poultry. Many wonder if lab meat is good enough but research studies have shown that conventional meat increases the risk for cancer, heart problems, and diabetes. One solution is to substitute saturated fat, which is unhealthy, with omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for human health. Green burials are getting more popular as well. Cremation releases emissions into the atmosphere and contributes to pollution. There are eco-friendly options such as dry ice and cardboard coffins.

Other Green Inventions and Technologies

There are plenty of cutting-edge inventions, gear, and gadgets that are eco-friendly in that they minimize our ecological footprint. These include portable dynamos, bamboo chargers, plant-based air purifiers, water-powered clocks, and many others. There are green high-tech gadgets, electronics, and devices that help protect the planet. Eco-friendly technologies are one solution. Curbside composting, for example, is one way to keep waste out of the landfills. And some technologies and gadgets were invented by teenagers. A catalyst that transforms plastic into biofuel was invented by Azza Faiad at the age of 16. Other inventions by teenagers include bioplastics made from banana peels, solar tree designs, ocean cleanup array, and even a nuclear fusion reactor. A low-cost fission reactor was invented by Taylor Wilson at the age of 19. The reactor is safe to use. A solar-powered purification system is the brainchild of 14-year-old Indian girl Deepika Kurup.

There are other cutting-edge inventions and technologies that are about to change the world. Green aircraft, ice energy, and frictionless wind turbines are among them. Other inventions include super-powered vehicles, solar-powered mobile phones, and even solar-powered toothbrushes. While some technologies go too far, for example, men-powered ferris wheels, others are innovative and useful. Green airplanes have holes on their wings to minimize drag and save on fuel. The design is eco-friendly in that it helps save fuel and reduces emissions. This is good news given that air traffic is expected to double over the next 10 years. The green roof is also a smart invention that reduces cooling costs and run-off and improves indoor air quality at the same time. It is especially useful in cities with poor air quality. Other great inventions include drinkable seawater, solar clothes, green umbrellas, and a heating system that runs without electricity or gas. It is made of a metal tray, jar that contains clay, and candles. Drinkable seawater is made by using pressure to extract salt. A system of solar distillation was, in fact, invented decades ago.

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